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Happy New Year

The New Year letter this year is being posted on the website a bit later than usual. This letter is also being posted physically to the entire congregation, and hence we did not feel it was right to post the letter on the website until it had arrived via Royal Mail to people’s homes. Undertaking a mailshot of the congregation is an extremely onerous task, hence the reason we haven’t undertaken too many mailshots during the past year. Our grateful thanks are due to Karen, Agnes, Christine and others who printed, collated, labelled, enveloped and arranged postage for all these letters. Continue reading

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What do we have to be thankful for on Thanksgiving day? What could we possibly have reason to be thankful for in this ‘Annus Horribilis’, in this horrible year when everything seems to have gone wrong. Continue reading

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HAGAR SEEN AND KNOWN BY GOD  An edited video of our Midweek prayer meeting on Wednesday 4th November looking at Hagar-  Sarah’s Slave girl who was nevertheless Seen and Known by God.   Note for reasons of privacy and confidentiality … Continue reading

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SALM 42:1-5 ( GAELIC)

’Mar a thogras am fiadh a‑chum nan sruth uisge, mar sin tha m’anam a’ togairt ad ionnsaigh, a Dhè. Tha tart air m’anam an dèidh Dhè, an dèidh an Dè bheò; cuin a thig mi agus a nochdar mi am … Continue reading

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Congregational Letter June 2020

Dear Friends, 

I hope that this letter finds you and yours well during these strange days in which we find ourselves. This year is one that no-one living through it will forget, and will most likely be spoken of and taught in future history classes. These are unprecedented and challenging times for all of us.   Continue reading

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Psalm 27 The Lord is My Salvation

In such challenging days as these, we look for direction and help in God’s word. This morning we look at Psalm 27 where the Psalmist affirms his confidence and trust in God. This wonderful psalm is a song of great assurance and comfort. It is also a war song, a song of celebration and a song of final and certain victory.

For David the Psalmist, The Lord is His focus in all His trials. The Lord is the one in whom he trusts. The Lord is His Confidence and assurance.  Continue reading

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The Lord is my Shepherd

This morning we look at the wonderful personal relationship David the psalmist has with the God he knows as the Lord his Shepherd’ Continue reading

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My Refuge and My Fortress

Wednesday Prayer Meeting Wednesday 25th March
We have moved our video stream to YouTube.
 Tonight we come together to pray about  and look at the first part of Psalm 91 Continue reading

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There will be a non-denominational event of Gaelic psalm-singing, entitled Psalms on a Summer Evening, held in Manish Church on Tuesday, 2nd July at 7pm. The event will be based on the traditional singing of sections of the psalms, in Gaelic, interspaced by interesting insights into the history of Manish Church. The historical narrative will be in English, and the psalms will be sung in Gaelic with the Gaelic script and English sub-titles displayed on a screen. Continue reading

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Our Favourite Psalms

 Those who go to the prayer meeting and also those interested in the work of this  meeting may remember that before my operation, I invited all those in the prayer meeting to submit their favourite psalms, so that we could be mutually enriched and encouraged by studying and singing some personal favourite psalms on these Wednesday nights. Continue reading

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