Our Favourite Psalms

Our Favourite Psalms

Psalms for the Prayer meeting

Wednesday evening is currently the main time  in the week for prayer in this congregation. During my absence over these last few weeks, I have greatly missed being in this meeting and in the fellowship of God’s people. In this respect I am reminded of the words of the old redemption hymn ;

’Tis the blessed hour of prayer, when our hearts lowly bend,
And we gather to Jesus, our Saviour and friend;
If we come to Him in faith, His protection to share,
What a balm for the weary, oh, how sweet to be there!

It is truly a blessing to the heart to be there, and I and all who go warmly commend this  meeting to all who love the Lord.  The prayer meeting is open to all, and no-one should feel that it is not for them, or that they are not worthy to go. We go to worship and pray to the One who is worthy.

It is always encouraging to see new people coming to the prayer meeting, and  please be assured you will be made very welcome. No attention will be drawn to anyone going along for the first time, and no-one is asked to pray publicly who may not be comfortable with doing so. It is good to see a healthy number coming to the Wednesday prayer meeting, I can only echo the words of  Rev John Murdo Nicolson who commented two weeks ago on the number coming out on a wintry evening, and that many congregations would be happy to have a similar number at Sunday services.

Those who go to the prayer meeting and also those interested in the work of this  meeting may remember that before my operation, I invited all those in the prayer meeting to submit their favourite psalms, so that we could be mutually enriched and encouraged by studying and singing some personal favourite psalms on these Wednesday nights. The idea actually came to me from a conversation I had with a wise and capable young minister that I met during one of my many visits to hospital last Autumn , so I don’t claim that this is original !

I was pleased with the response to this, and pleased also with the variety and breadth of psalms chosen by those coming to the prayer meeting. Some psalms were chosen more than once, for example Psalm 40, Psalm 46 and Psalm 136 were each chosen by two people, while Psalm 121 is an obvious favourite being voted for by four persons.  The most glaring omission I suppose is Psalm 23 “The Lord’s my Shepherd”. This arguably the best known and loved  of all psalms was not voted for at all. I suppose we all thought along the same lines that , in that  we took it as a given that Psalm 23 would be everyones favourite anyway!

The full list of  psalms as chosen by those going to the prayer meeting are as follows;

Psalm 1 ( The contrast between the righteous and the wicked. )

Psalm 4  (The believers plea to be heard by God.)

Psalm 16  (The believer’s security and assurance in God.)

Psalm 20  (The believer’s trust in the name of the Lord)

Psalm 25 ( The believer’s confession of the Lord as Saviour)

Psalm 27 (The believers light and salvation)

Psalm 32:7 A believer’s verse of comfort during illness “You are a hiding place for me; you preserve me from trouble;you surround me with shouts of deliverance”.

Psalm 34 ( The believer extols the Lord)

Psalm 34:10 ( The believer tastes and sees that the Lord is good) 

Psalm 40 ( The  believer waits with patience upon the Lord)

Psalm 40:5 5 “O  Lord my God, full many are the wonders thou hast done;Thy gracious thoughts to us-ward far above all thoughts are gone:

Psalm 42  (The believer thirsts for God )

Psalm 46 (x2)  (The believer takes refuge in God )

Psalm 54 (The believer is upheld by God)

Psalm 63  (The believer thirsts for God )

Psalm 76 ( The believer stands in awe of God )

Psalm 107 (A believer’s refuge in the storm, This was requested in the Gaelic rendering “An sin tha iad ro‑ait, airson gu bheil iad sàmhach beò: ‘S gun tug e iad don chaladh sin, ‘s don phort bu mhiannach leo.”

Psalm 116  (The believer’s love for God)

Psalm 118:24 ( The believer rejoices in the day that the Lord has made.)

Psalm 121 ( x4) (The believer’s help comes from the Lord.)

Psalm 121   (A believer’s profession that “The Lord is my protector  who never sleeps and is constantly by my side watching over me “)

Psalm 130 ( The believer’s soul waits for the Lord)

Psalm 136 (x2)  (The believer gives thanks to the Lord for His love endures forever)

Psalm 139 :1-18  (A believer gives thanks for ‘The omnipotence of God’s spirit ‘)

It may seem like a long time ago since we did this short exercise , but I gave a promise then that we would look at your favourite psalms  in the future, and I affirm that promise again now. In the not to distant future God willing we will begin a short series of studies of these favourite psalms on Wednesdays  and this will include the Lord’s my Shepherd!

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