Rev Donald A MacRae Sermon Archive

Those of us who were fortunate enough to sit under the ministry of the late Rev Donald MacRae who was minister of this congregation for 32 years will have fond memories of his uplifting sermons and his remarkable eloquence in public prayer. His sermons were always bathed in scripture, warm, Christ-centred and often sprinkled throughout with couthy stories of some Christian figures from the religious folklore of his native Lewis.

MacRae Edited 4 (2)Rev Donald A & Mrs Annie MacRae

(Manse Garden 1980 approx)

Most, if not all, of these sermons were recorded in the past as part of our Tape Ministry and quite a few have been lovingly retained by some of the older members of our congregation. We are much indebted to them for that and over recent months we have been working to digitise these tapes to save them for the future and make them widely available to a new audience. We sincerely hope and pray that these sermons will be a delight and blessing to all who listen to them, as they assuredly were to all who heard them preached by Mr MacRae from the pulpit all these years ago.

Below are the tapes we have digitised to date and where possible they include details and dates of the services. We made the decision to record the entire services including the singing and prayers.

If you happen to have any tapes which are not included below and you would be happy for us to digitise them  then please send us a message via the contact us page.

Rev DA MacRae 28th February 1988 Ephèsianach 1 vs 13 Gaelic

Rev DA MacRae 18th January 1993 John 7 vs 33 Gaelic

Rev DA MacRae 9th August 1998 Ròmanaich 14 vs 17 Gaelic

Rev DA MacRae 3rd September 2000 Isaiah 50 vs 1-11 Gaelic

Rev DA MacRae 31st January 1993 Eabhraidhich 7 vs 11-28 Gaelic

Rev DA MacRae 29th July 1990 Judges 14 vs 14

Rev DA MacRae 27th August 1989 2 John 1 vs 3

Rev DA MacRae 24th September 1989 Matthew 27 vs 22

Rev DA MacRae 22nd September 1985 Samuel 2 vs 19 Gaelic

Rev DA MacRae 18th February 1990 Acts 19 vs 18-20 Gaelic

Rev DA MacRae 50 Years in Ministry Jubilee 1942-1992 Gealic

Rev DA MacRae 50 Years in Ministry Jubilee 1942-1992

Rev DA MacRae 30th July 1989 Revelation 21 vs 12-13

Rev DA MacRae 28th July 1989 Soisgeul Mharcuis 11 vs 1-6 (Gaelic) 

Rev DA MacRae 25th November  1990 2 Righ 9 vs 18-21 (Gaelic)

Rev DA MacRae 25th July 1993 Titus 2 vs 13-14 (Gaelic)

Rev DA MacRae 23rd October 1988 Ephèsianach 3 vs 3 (Gaelic) 

Rev DA MacRae 18th March 1990 Soisgeul Lùcais 15 vs 2 (Gaelic) 

Rev DA MacRae 2nd September 1990 Habacuc 3 vs 17-18 (Gaelic) 

A Church History

Rev DA MacRae 5th August 1990 Jonah 1 vs 1-3

Rev DA MacRae 6th August 1989 Isaiah 63 vs 1 (Gaelic)

Rev DA MacRae 13th August 1989 Salm 68 vs 13 (Gaelic)

Rev DA Macrae 22nd July 1990 Acts 10 vs 19-20

Rev DA MacRae 23rd July 1989 1 Samuel 2 vs 6-12

Rev DA MacRae 23rd July 1989 Soisgeul Mharcuis 11 vs 1-6 (Gaelic)

Rev DA MacRae 1st August 1993 Colosianach 1 vs 13-14 (Gaelic)

Rev DA MacRae 14th October 1990 Gnìomharan 9 (Gaelic) 

Rev DA MacRae 17th March 1991 Ephesians 3 vs 8

Rev DA MacRae 18th February 1992 Ezekiel 37 vs 1-3