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After a bit of discussion this morning, ( Saturday 9th January), the Kirk Session now think it would be unwise to go ahead and reopen the church next Sunday. Given how the national picture is looking just now, we feel it might be right for us to wait a while until the situation caused by the alarming surge in the new variant cases improves. Continue reading

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Happy New Year

The New Year letter this year is being posted on the website a bit later than usual. This letter is also being posted physically to the entire congregation, and hence we did not feel it was right to post the letter on the website until it had arrived via Royal Mail to people’s homes. Undertaking a mailshot of the congregation is an extremely onerous task, hence the reason we haven’t undertaken too many mailshots during the past year. Our grateful thanks are due to Karen, Agnes, Christine and others who printed, collated, labelled, enveloped and arranged postage for all these letters. Continue reading

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