Before Christmas last year, we received permission from the Presbytery of Uist to reopen the church, having been shut for most of 2020. We planned to reopen the church in Tarbert for an initial service on Sunday morning 17th January. The Kirk Session and the Management Committee had met to discuss this after Christmas and agreed to hold an in-person service in Tarbert on Sunday 17th January.

However, as we are all painfully aware, the national situation concerning the new COVID variant has deteriorated markedly since then. After a bit of discussion this morning, ( Saturday 9th January), the Kirk Session now think it would be unwise to go ahead and reopen the church next Sunday. Given how the national picture is looking just now, we feel it might be right for us to wait a while until the situation caused by the alarming surge in the new variant cases improves. The feeling was that we shouldn’t now open on Sunday 17th January, but it is felt appropriate that we offer the use of the church for funerals or weddings if requested by a family.

We realise that this will be disappointing to some. Still, we hope that everyone will understand that given the gravity of the situation facing the country, we feel that it is prudent and wise to postpone reopening of the church until a later date. Our Zoom meetings will not be affected by this in any way and will continue during this difficult time. We are thankful that we can do what we have been doing for the last few months in worshipping God together in our own homes because of Zoom.

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