• There will be a non-denominational event of Gaelic psalm-singing, entitled Psalms on a Summer Evening, held in Manish Church on Tuesday, 2nd July at 7pm. The event will be based on the traditional singing of sections of the psalms, in Gaelic, interspaced by interesting insights into the history of Manish Church.  The historical narrative will be in English, and the psalms will be sung in Gaelic with the Gaelic script and English sub-titles displayed on a screen. 

A cordial invitation is extended to all congregations, to the general public and to visitors. Weather permitting, the commencement of the event will contain the re-enactment of a historic feature, so please endeavour to assemble outside Manish church by 6.45 pm and the precentors are asked to assemble at Flodabay Jetty by 6.45.

  • As car parking at Manish Church is very limited , we are hoping to take a Mini-bus to this event leaving Tarbert at 6 PM to be in Manish in time. We encourage you to use the mini-bus if you can and are very grateful to Kenny Macleod for offering to drive. There are 15 places on the mini-bus, so please speak to Kenny   or phone him (07711828801) to let him know. Alternatively please speak to the minister. 
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