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Chan eil dìteadh sam bith

‘Air an adhbhar sin chan eil a‑nis dìteadh sam bith don dream sin a tha ann an Iosa Crìosd, a tha a’ gluasad chan ann a rèir na feòla, ach a rèir an Spioraid.

Ans an ochdamh caibdeil dhan a litir a-chum na Romanach tha an abstol Pòl a sealtainn gu soillear an eadar dhealachadh a tha Criosd a deanabh dha shluagh fhein. Continue reading

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Romanaich 8:28

Searmon Gaidhlig bhon litir a-chum na Romanaich 8:28 ‘Agus tha fhios againn gun co‑obraich na h‑uile nithean a‑chum maith, don dream aig a bheil gràdh do Dhia, eadhon dhaibhsan a ghairmeadh a rèir a rùin.( Litir a-chum na Romanaich 8:28)  Continue reading

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This morning’s sermon is a more extended version of the earlier message on Zoom. Looking at some important little words in John 6:37. 

Today we are going to think about assurance , or how we know that with certainty that we are Christians, and that we have a secure future hope because of Jesus Christ.  Continue reading

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The Lord Our Provider

Every time we say the Lord’s Prayer , we recite the words ” Give us this Day our daily Bread’ . When we say this, do we think of where our food comes from and who provides it? Even more importantly do we really think to give thanks for the provision God has made for us in supplying us with all that we need. The Bible shows us God as our ultimate provider, and this morning we look at the dramatic passage from Genesis 22 when God not only tests Abraham, but also provides marvellously for Him. Continue reading

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‘Can’t-Wait to See You !”

This morning’s sermon is from 1 Thessalonians 3 and looks at Paul’s concern for, and longing to be with the Christians in Thessalonica once again.  These verses show the depth of his feeling for those he knew there and his continuing burden in prayer for them. Paul’s words may express how many of us feel at this current time.   He specifically asks for three things 
May God prepare the way for us to meet again
May God make us abound in love
May God strengthen our hearts Continue reading

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‘ The Still Small Voice ‘

This moring’s sermon from 1 Kings 19:12 “and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.” Continue reading

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After Easter

Sunday Morning ” Open-air” Sermon 
A short look at Luke 24:44-49.  

Life for the disciples of Jesus did not simply end after the resurrection. Life was about to get more complicated challenging and challenging for all of them.  However, they were about to be equipped with all the help and power they needed.   Continue reading

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Psalm 27 The Lord is My Salvation

In such challenging days as these, we look for direction and help in God’s word. This morning we look at Psalm 27 where the Psalmist affirms his confidence and trust in God. This wonderful psalm is a song of great assurance and comfort. It is also a war song, a song of celebration and a song of final and certain victory.

For David the Psalmist, The Lord is His focus in all His trials. The Lord is the one in whom he trusts. The Lord is His Confidence and assurance.  Continue reading

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