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Isaiah 55:6 ( Gaelic)

“Iarraibh an Tighearna , am feadh a tha e ra fhaotainn; gairmibh air, am feadh a tha e am fagas”. Isaiah 55: 6 Seirbheis Ghaidhlig airson Sabaid  

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Time Stand Still

This weekend finds us in midsummer once again. Today (Saturday 20th June) is known as the longest day when we enjoy more daylight than at any other time of the year. It is a time that many of us have looked forward to, and try to make the most of these few weeks of summer. The weather has indeed been glorious lately, but from now on the days will get shorter and the nights will grow inexorably longer. As we contemplate the thought of a long Harris winter – it be might be a welcome thought for the Sun to stand still for a while – quite a while! Continue reading

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Sunday 5th March

As we prepare our hearts for the Communion services next week, we look at some wonderful promises that God gives in His word to those who trust Him. Our assurance and our hope for the future and all that we are is based in who Jesus Christ is . Let’s make the confession of the psalmist our confession and profession too as we go into the Communions He is my Strength , He is my Song, He is my Saviou Continue reading

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