Tonight – The Strong Name

Tonight at the prayer meeting we meet once again to bring before God our prayers and requests, our joys and thanksgivings, our needs and burdens believing that He hears and answers our prayers ( Psalm 65:2).  The prayer meeting is open to all, and everyone will be be given a warm welcome. This evening we continue our study of the Acts of the Apostles with a look at  the Strong Name of Jesus ( Acts 3:16)

The Bible shows that there is healing in the name of Jesus , there is power in the name of Jesus,  there is life in the name of Jesus.  If there is anything that acts as a corrective to wrong attitudes or thinking, and if there is anything that helps us re-focus and re-group as Christians it is surely the strong name of Jesus Christ.

By Faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see & know was made strong. It is Jesus name & the faith the comes through Him that has given complete healing to him , as you can all see”

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