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Welcome back Visitors

Since the Pandemic starting, it has not been possible for us to welcome visitors as we would have wished. We missed having friends from all over the country and the world joining us on Sundays. We are pleased to announce that visitors will be warmly welcomed to join us from now on throughout the summer. Continue reading

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‘Can’t-Wait to See You !”

This morning’s sermon is from 1 Thessalonians 3 and looks at Paul’s concern for, and longing to be with the Christians in Thessalonica once again.  These verses show the depth of his feeling for those he knew there and his continuing burden in prayer for them. Paul’s words may express how many of us feel at this current time.   He specifically asks for three things 
May God prepare the way for us to meet again
May God make us abound in love
May God strengthen our hearts Continue reading

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For such a time as this ( Day 26)

Bethel was a place of great promises and blessing being to Jacob. Later on, though things changed. The House of God became a Place of Rebellion against God. During the time of the kings, after Solomon was dead ( but before the time of Elijah & Elisha ), the ten tribes of the North rebelled against Rehoboam, the son of Solomon. Under the leadership of Jeroboam, the son of Nebat. In a bid to stop his people travelling far south to Jerusalem to worship at the temple, Jeroboam erected two golden calves as idols, which the people of Israel worshipped. He set up one in Dan in the far North, and one was set up in Bethel. 1 Kings 12: 32 shows how he also offered sacrifices to the golden calves and had pagan priests serve there. Continue reading

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Video Sermon 22nd March 2020

This is the first of a series of video sermons from our church, which are being recorded due to the closures made necessary by the Coronavirus outbreak.  On Mother’s day, we look at one of the first ‘mums’ mentioned in … Continue reading

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A Pastoral Letter from the minister

In this last week, much that we have known has been turned upside down by the Coronavirus outbreak. This unseen but potentially deadly virus is threatening our way of life in many different ways. As a society, Coronavirus (or COVID-19) presents an unprecedented challenge to us all. The impact on the nation as well as our community has already been profound. Continue reading

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Community Fellowship

Community Fellowship Saturday 8th December 7.30 PM. Tarbert Community Centre . A night of praise and testimony. All proceeds will go towards Harris House Comfort Fund. Continue reading

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