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For such a time as this ( day 35)

I believe that the way God works in the case of the Shunammite’s son is a pattern of how personal God’s care is of hurting people. And also a model for the church to follow in its caring for hurting, grieving people too. There is genuine concern for the woman and her son, in Elisha’s actions. Shutting the door, closing out all distractions, Elisha takes it to the Lord in prayer, in the room the woman had set aside for him. Praying to God seeking the help of the God whom he served, and physically touching the child, giving him the kiss of life.  Elisha isn’t acting in ignorance, or with apathy, but with determined purpose, that the woman whom he had given the promise to before would not have her hopes cruelly dashed again.  Continue reading

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Open Prayer Meeting

One of the main focuses that we have is prayer within the congregation . We have looked at and talked about various ways in which prayer could be kept front and centre of Congregational life. And so with this in mind we hope to have a series of special summer prayer events, over the next while. These will be in the form of open, focused prayer meetings/ fellowships.The first one of these will be held tonight in the MacRae Centre on Tuesday the 4th of June at 7.30 Continue reading

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Sunday 7th May ‘If my people pray’

This morning we conclude our short mini-series based around 2 Chronicles 6-7 entitled “If my people pray”. We have previously seen how Solomon prayed, and how God answered his prayer so dramatically and emphatically with a consuming fire that prevented the priests from ministering in the temple courts. Continue reading

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