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Sunday 27th March

On 23rd March 2020, the whole country went into lockdown. Two years later, and unfortunately, the effects of Covid are still very much impacting our Community and Nation. After last Sunday’s morning service, the Sunday school teachers decided sadly that due to the rising number of Covid cases in the school, the planned Sunday School Easter Family service tomorrow 27th March will not be a family service but will go ahead as a normal Sunday service without the children and young people present Continue reading

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After Easter

Sunday Morning ” Open-air” Sermon 
A short look at Luke 24:44-49.  

Life for the disciples of Jesus did not simply end after the resurrection. Life was about to get more complicated challenging and challenging for all of them.  However, they were about to be equipped with all the help and power they needed.   Continue reading

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He is Risen!

This is an Easter Sunday like no other that we have experienced. This Easter still does not compare though to the first one.  Let us try and imagine what it was like for the disciples on that first Easter day, on that morning of the first day of the week, when they found the tomb of Jesus to be empty. 

Today is known as Easter Sunday. This is the day when the church all over the world remembers the resurrection of Jesus rising from the dead.  These great words from Matthew 28:6, 3 really summarise what the Christian faith is all about, what Christianity’s ultimate hope is ” HE IS RISEN” Continue reading

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A Reflection for Easter

If stones could speak what stories they would have to tell? What if still older stones could speak to tell of the events  that unfolded at Passover in Jerusalem over two thousand years ago? What stories the ancient stones of the Kidron Valley and the Mount of Olives could tell?  What stories the garden of Gethsemane could tell?  Continue reading

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