Korean Visit

Visit of Korean Christians

We were blessed at our midweek prayer meeting to have Pastor Sangin Lee and seven young adults from the new church in Seoul South Korea sharing in worship and prayer with us.  The short clip  above shows a small part of the time of prayer , led by Sangin and his translator Paul .

Isaiah 56:7 (NIV) “7 these I will bring to my holy mountain
 and give them joy in my house of prayer.
 Their burnt offerings and sacrifices
 will be accepted on my altar;
 for my house will be called
 a house of prayer for all nations. ”

Our Prayer meeting this week was different in many ways. We met this evening on a Thursday night for the visit of our friends from Korea. They cooked delicious hot noodles for some of the young people and some of the rest of us too!  Later on in the evening  the meeting began with a time of worship in which the band led us in a short medley of songs

 “ The Lords my Shepherd“ ( Stuart Townend)

 “ Amazing Grace” 

 “ My heart is filled with thankfulness “ 

“ In Christ alone “ 

Psalm 40 “ I waited for the Lord my God.  The final song we sang together was  this  traditional Scottish psalm  which was very appropriate for the evening  as  we came together to wait upon the Lord.

Sangin shared from his heart about the work of the Holy Spirit and encouraging us to keep on praying for our church, our community, our nation and each other.  He spoke movingly about the work of God not only in Korea, but also how God has blessed his ministry through the Holy Spirit through some real times of testing and trial. The short clip  above shows a small part of the time of prayer , led by Sangin and his translator Paul . Although Sangin has good degree level English learned in Scotland, he spoke largely in Korean,  ( which Paul translated for our benefit) as the service was being filmed and being streamed live to the church in Seoul, where others were watching and praying.

The prayer time was conducted Korean style with all our friends from Seoul shouting out to the Lord simultaneously  in spontaneous  exuberant prayer.  We are very thankful to God for those who have come from so far away and from so very different a culture and language to minister to us here in Harris.  We were richly blessed by the presence of God so powerfully throughout the meeting , as well as the infectious joy and enthusiasm that the Koreans bring to their worship and prayer.

They left us with many happy memories to journey on to Aberdeen.  We are gateful to God for them all, and epsecially for coming so far to bless us here in Scotland. We are also most grateful to all those who who helped out with the hospitality , the praise and worship, the screens and the electronics and rearranging of the premises for the meeting.

God bless you all.  

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