As many will be aware, this morning would normally have been the Sunday morning of the Tarbert Communion season. We would look forward to this service and the opportunity of sitting together in fellowship to celebrate or observe the sacrament of the Lord’s supper.
Sadly because of the current situation, we cannot gather as we would wish. Although some churches have celebrated “ virtual” communion, it is felt that this is lacking in many ways as we cannot be gathered together to commemorate the sacrament.
We invite you, though, to join us for our morning service today, which will focus as Communion services always should on the sufferings and death of our blessed Saviour Jesus for us. It is hoped that rather than remind us of what we are lacking and missing, the service will focus us on the reason for everything the Lord’s Supper speaks of, the love of God for us in Jesus Christ.
As today is also Mother’s day, this too will be reflected in the service.
A brief order for today is attached below, along with the hymn numbers for those who may wish to sing in their own homes. If you wish to join us via Zoom, please get in touch for the link. The service can also be viewed online on our Youtube channel

  • Opening Praise Psalm 118:15-26 “ In dwellings of the righteous”
  • Prayer
  • All-age talk for Mother’s day
  • Scripture Reading John 19: 23-27
  • “ O sacred head sore wounded “ sung by Fernando Ortega ( No. 107 revised hymnary, No. 253 CH3, No.520 Mission Praise).
  • Sermon “ “Behold your mother!”’
  • Closing Praise “ According to thy gracious word “ ( No.313 Revised hymnary, No. 585 CH3)
  • Prayer and benediction

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