Seirbheis Ghaidhlig 15th November 2020

Tomorrow night sees the first Gaelic service to be held in Tarbert Church since the lockdown began. Little did we think when the benediction was pronounced at the end of our Gaelic service on Sunday the 15th of March that it would be the last in-person service in the church for several months. Yet here we are on the 15th of November and still unable to meet in the usual way. As everyone is aware Gaelic has always been a vital part of the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Western Isles, and we all miss not being able to meet for our traditional Gaelic service on the evening of the Lord’s day. For that reason, we will be hosting a Gaelic service of worship via Zoom on Sunday evening the 15th of November at 6 PM. The service will be live-streamed using Zoom from the church in Tarbert and will consist of Gaelic singings, prayers and sermon. Short introductions and sermon points at various times will be in English. Although several pre-recorded Gaelic services have been uploaded to the website , this is the first time we are live-streaming a Gaelic service, and we hope as many as can will join us for worship. We would be delighted to have you share in fellowship with us at this Gaelic service.

If you wish to join this meeting, please click on the following link which should take you to the service through your Zoom app or browser extension.…

The Meeting ID for this service is : 882 8691 9206

The Passcode is : 183071

The text for tomorrow night is taken from Joshua 3:4 “oir cha do ghabh sibh riamh roimhe an rathad seo.” (“for you have not passed this way before.”)

The order for service for tomorrow night will be

  • Salm 122:1-3 ‘Bha aoibhneas orm tràth thubhairt iad
  • Urnaigh – Prayer
  • Leughadh – Reading Joshua 3
  • Salm 43: 3-4 “Dhia d’fhirinn is do sholas glan”
  • Short Prayer
  • Searmon “oir cha do ghabh sibh riamh roimhe an rathad seo.”
  • Salm 18: 35-36 “Thug thusa sgiath do shlainte dhomh”
  • Co-dhunadh – benediction

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