COVID-19 (Coronavirus) An initial Response from the Kirk Session

Covid-19 Coronavirus. As we are all no doubt aware, the Coronavirus Pandemic is currently at the forefront of everyone’s thinking. Given the threat posed by Coronavirus or COVID-19, the Kirk Session has decided that for the time being the following measures will be taken to limit the risks to worshippers at Tarbert Church of Scotland.

  • The minister and office bearers will not be shaking hands at the door either before or after Sunday worship.
  • We encourage worshippers not to shake hands with others if possible.
  • The A.C.T.S welcome group at the door will not be meeting and greeting worshippers going into the church in the meantime.
  • Hand sanitisers will be provided at the door of the church.
  •  For the time being, we will not be issuing hymnbooks by hand at the door, and all praise will be projected as before on the church screens. Intimation sheets for the service will be available at the door for collection before the service, but will not be handed out.
  • After-church tea and coffee will not take place for the present.
  • Residential and care homes are now limiting access by visitors. The office-bearers of the church will, therefore, no longer be taking worship at Harris House until after it is deemed safe to do so.

The Kirk Session do not take these measures lightly. It is not our wish to curtail the activities of the congregation or limit our precious times of fellowship on the Lord’s day or at other times. However, we feel that given the gravity of the situation facing us as a nation due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We would be failing in our duty as spiritual leaders of the congregation if we did not take proactive measures to keep the congregation and all associated with it safe.

We will update the website, when we can, to keep people informed. Further and more detailed information can be found at the Church of Scotland website by clicking here.

More information from the NHS can be found here  

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