CY ( YOUTH) Course

CY Youth Course

We hope to begin another course for teens and young people at the end of January called CY (Youth). 

CY is a series of seven fast-paced sessions exploring the identity, mission and call of Jesus and promises to be  a life-changing journey through the Gospel of Mark for teens. The seven interactive sessions feature a variety of games and activities and DVD clips which are not only fun, but back up the teaching given in the talks. 

Here is Nate Morgan-Locke evangelist and the author of the CY course explaining more about CY ( Youth)

 A while ago we ran Youth Alpha which was well liked by the young people, and so as a follow up  CY (Youth) will start on Saturday 26th January at 7PM in the Macrae Centre. It was felt that Saturday was the most convenient night for the young people, and a night when little else was on in the church or the community.  CY ( Youth ) is produced by Christianity Explored ministries from All Souls church in London . It is felt at this stage that CY ( Youth) is more age appropriate than the Soul course, for many of the young people, although if there is a demand then SOUL will be offered afterwards . 

As with other courses there will be some food at the start, pizza, chips, sausage rolls etc , and plenty of time to talk , discuss and ask questions about what we have looked at. Hope to see you there. For more information please speak to Ian Murdo or anyone of the other office bearers .

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