Glimpses of Glory Advent Series

Glimpses of Glory Advent Series 

In the church culture of the islands  we are sometimes unfamiliar with much of what is known as the church year , and for many of us there may be confusion as to what exactly is meant by Advent. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, which is a translation of the Greek word parousia.  In English this could be understood as arrival or coming 

The season of Advent is a good way for the church to  focus on and anticipate the  birth of Jesus Christ in the season leading up to Christmas.  This year we are going to focus for the next three Sundays on the theme of “ Glimpses of Glory “, looking at some of the wonderful glimpses of God’s  coming glory seen in the Old Testament . 

On Sunday 9th December  We look at two very different passages and people in Scripture, In the morning we focus on Balaam the pagan soothsayer who was hired to curse Israel by Balak the king of Moab. Balaam discovered  that he could not curse those God has not cursed ( Num 23:8) 

How can I curse

those whom God has not cursed?

How can I denounce

those whom the Lord has not denounced?

Numbers 23:8 NIV

Balaam is forced to acknowledge that God will bless His people Israel, and no cursing or incantation of his would prevent this happening. The fourth and most dramatic of Balaam’s messages gives even this pagan “ medium” or  “ channeler”  pause for thought as he is compelled to utter this wonderful prophecy of the coming king of Israel. 

“I see him, but not now;

I behold him, but not near.

A star will come out of Jacob;

a sceptre will rise out of Israel.

(Numbers 24:17 (NIV)

In the  evening we look at a great passage from  the book of the prophet Isaiah , that  seems to encapsulate the hope, rejoicing and thanksgiving that will characterise the coming of the Messiah.  The whole passage is one of  one of restoration, renewal and peace .   God is going to restore the fortunes of  His people so that they will know deliverance and release from their captivity .

 During Advent,  the church looks back with thanksgiving to the Lord’s Jesus Christ’s coming into this world,  whilst at the same time looking forward in eager anticipation to the coming of Christ’s kingdom when He returns. 

How beautiful on the mountains

are the feet of those who bring good news,

who proclaim peace,

who bring good tidings,

who proclaim salvation,

who say to Zion,

“Your God reigns!”

Isaiah 52:7 ( NIV) 

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