Worship Band Project

We have recently embarked on a new project in the Church. The aim of our “Worship” project is to facilitate the development of our worship experience by providing the means for everyone to participate, enhance and enjoy all forms of worship in our church.

Our objectives are to

  •  Form and develop a Worship Band
  •  Develop our Praise Nights and make them more regular
  •  Offer musical tuition as an option for the youth club
  •  Improve the quality of the audio output in Church
  •  Develop our website by having our worship events available online
  •  Use worship as a means to reach out and proclaim God’s Word in Harris

The project has been costed at £6000 and after a generous donation last week our total now stands at £2200 which is approx. 36% of our total. Fundraising efforts will continue throughout the summer months and we will keep you up to date with our progress.


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