Last Youth Alpha tonight

Last Youth Alpha Session tonight

Tonight is the last in the current series of ten sessions of our Youth Alpha course. It has been an amazing time to get together and discuss the Bible and issues of faith.  We hope everyone who came along enjoyed and benefitted from it, but it doesn’t end here! We hope to run a follow-up of a different kind in the future. A very special thanks to all who helped out with Youth Alpha over the winter. Many thanks to all who have helped out with food preparation and serving  and to Bobby and Campbell for all their help and support  in running the course.  Thanks to the presenters Ben & Jason for their sometimes weird, sometimes funny but always appropriate  presentation of the topic and theme each week.

Tonight we meet at the Macrae centre at 7pm  and the theme tonight is ‘ CHURCH; WHAT ABOUT CHURCH AND TELLING OTHERS?    Hope to see you there!


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